Health status update

The CT scan showed no sign of spread to the pelvic lymph nodes, but there are a couple of minor things with almost certainly no connection to prostate cancer Surgery may be a little earlier, May instead of June (yays!), but there’s no date set yet.

A tiny lump in one lung is probably something like a dust mote my system couldn’t eliminate, so build a little wall around it. They’ll rescan in 6 months; if it hasn’t grown, it’s not an issue. There’s something near a kidney for which they need an ultrasound. My doctor isn’t worried.

However, apparently I worry a lot about everything, because I haven’t been able to concentrate on much of anything since mid-January, especially the research I’m supposed to be doing while on sabbatical. So I’m seeking approval for recasting the term as medical leave for an anxiety disorder instead of sabbatical, so I can take a replacement half-sabbatical again later when all of this is over.
There is this little issue that I only get 85% salary on sabbatical, for reason’s I’ve never understood, and it’s not clear whether the bureaucracy has the procedures in place to reset it to 100% retroactively; medical leave less than 6 months is supposed to be at 100%. But that’s pretty minor next to not losing the sabbatical.

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